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High Grade Catering and Food Truck

High Grade Foods Truck

High-Grade Catering & Food Truck specializes in authentic Jamaican Cuisine and American favorites. It’s in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Chef and owner, Everton Cameron, a native of Jamaica, has been cooking professionally for the past 20 years. We cater for breakfast, lunches or dinners anywhere in Colorado Springs or close by. We also do house calls if that’s your preference.

Chef / Owner Everton Cameron


Everton Cameron, executive chef and owner of High Grade Catering & Food Truck has been cooking since the tender age of 7. His professional career however started at age 20, when he worked as a line cook in a Four-Star Hotel back in his native homeland of Jamaica. Within only months due to his passion and dedication he was quickly promoted from his line cook position to a Sous Chef. His passions and dedication to his job earned him the highest respect of his fellow leaders and his staff.

Due to his creative skills and speed he was always the one made to represent his department as well as the establishment in all local competitions. His activeness earned him recognition by chefs and event holders and the public at large. After a few years at working tirelessly to putting the hotels kitchen and his name of course on what is known in the Caribbean as the hotel food map, Everton migrated to the United States where since then he has been improving on his skills by creating and changing some of the world’s most authentic dishes to fit the pallets of the American people. Making them fall in love with food all over again.



Executive Chef Everton came here to me as an apprentice, He was only supposed to be here as a prep assistant to my cooks.  After only a week I decided to give him a try on my line as one of my cooks was absent.  To my amazement he was much better than most of those.  I had seen and had been working with.  So, I promoted him to a line cook and from then on, he has never seized to amaze me. – Douglas

I met Everton a few years ago, just shortly after he migrated to the US.  He came to work in an establishment where I was the executive chef.  In only a few weeks in the department he started giving me a run for the money.  With his help and knowledge my production level jumped by a mere 27% in only one month of his arrival.  We started having diverse menus based on Caribbean flavors cooking Asian foods.  The customers were so thrilled and impressed by the new dishes and word quickly spread throughout the city of Colorado Springs.  Since then we have become best cooking partners and best of friends.  Being able to take our food to a new level and exceeding our customers and our guest expectations with our food presentation and quality has always been a joy. - Taylor Executive Chef


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